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The History of Paw Paw Veterinary Clinic

In December 1969 Duane Baker, DVM and his wife Penny purchased the Paw Paw Veterinary Clinic from Robert Stewart, DVM.  The Bakers lived at the home and attached clinic.  Fire destroyed the building in April 1977.  A new, 1700 sq. ft. clinic was built on the same premises and occupied in May of 1978.  Since 1978 several expansions and interior renovations have brought the clinic to 4,289 sq. ft.

 The clinic's growth has paralleled the community's growth.  Technology has also increased the number of services and growth of the clinic.  In 1969 the thought of obtaining a Complete Blood Count and Blood Chemistry in minutes was unimaginable and now this is reality.  Ultrasound, endoscopy, videoscope and other equipment have all led to greater advances in diagnosis and treatments. 

A large surgery suite was developed to accommodate multiple stations for surgery and equipment.  Anesthetic choices in 1969 were very few, but now we can more accurately match the choice of sedative, anesthetic with the procedure, and health status of the patient.  Our ability to monitor patients has improved greatly, especially in the past 10 years.  Multiple monitors are used to assess patient's vital signs and condition during procedures.  Laser surgery is used extensively, and  adds to greater confidence in successful outcomes.  Progress in ongoing and new technology is continually being evaluated.  There are still risks, but the gap has been narrowed significantly from the past and will continue to narrow in the future. Growth and technology have not replaced caring.  The wondrous world of animals and pets endures.  The intricate relationship we have with them as "owners" and as "veterinarians" will remain delightful and challenging......in that sense the past is no different than the future.


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